best of.

here's to collecting russh since the november/december issue in 2007.

we have been loyal followers and thought a tribute to the magazine would be appropriote.

enjoy the 'best of' photo shoots, models, articles and advertisements.
- s & a

(100 per cent)

warpaint, their song billie holiday from EP exquisite corpses.

(you're beautiful)

(ohh la la)

male model and son of musician, Nick Cave, Jethro Cave.

(animal instinct)

(double fantasy)

one of the best advertisements we've seen.

we don't rip things from magazines, but if we did, this would defiantly be pinned to the cork board.
(summer lovin')

peach/rose zimmerman bikini.

(dream girl)

daria does make a difference

hana soukupova, featuring in the gucci envy me advertisements.

(raw power)

...just a bit of an article about blogging

(new sensation)

(true blue baby)

(as pretty as you feel)

(come together)


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Martha said...

...and i now know who daria is. amazing guys!

Anonymous said...

i rip pages out of magazines.

lurb enge.

Anonymous said...

hey! thank you! can you post other part of interview of warpaint , please?