(the sartorialist)

just a quick note and once again very delayed
i stumbled across the famed sartorialist book today in the flesh.
i didn't purchase it (will soon!), but had a good flick through -
as we all know, mr. schuman is definately deserved of all the praise he's given.
we will be doing an homage post (!) to our favourite sartorialist moments soon.
(as well as posts about our - and everybody elses - favourite blogs/websites.)

but we're a bit eager so here's a sneaky preview...

(the sartorialist)
this femme fatale is so chic.
effortless and simple.
beige and white, a casual but perfect combination.
a gold chain paired with killer glasses - we have been trying to source round lennon lenses like these (particularly the michael kors pair featured in ruush two months ago)

(the sartorialist)

we just adore this photo, the bow-tie is both hilarious and amazing, he's a bit of a demure clown.
the sarts skills extend beyond his ability to source amazing street style, but his photographical genius.

we will post more favorites from the archives soon, sit tight.

- s & a

la france: vous me manquez (parlez-vous francais, hey!)

upon his arrival in paris for the first time, one of my cousins wrote to me,
'i finally understand why you love this city so much.'
paris has an aura and many people can't help but fall under its charm.
it's entrenched in history, aesthetic, culture, people with flair and
of course, well, that je ne sais quoi.

earlier this year i visited paris and the south of france,
and here are some photographic momentos from that trip.
with the paris spring/summer 2010 shows kicking off,
as well as falling in love with the creations by the designers,
thank the city of paris - just for being what it is.

- s & a

girls fall like dominoes.

potentially the sickest film clip i've come across in a while.

- s & a

lisa lullaby mitchell.

(photograph courtesy of merryn)

isn't she the cutest?

lisa mitchell, a pop-folk icon + little darling of all things sweet and independant.
with songs like love letter and valium, how could you not fall for her?

the past (thank the lord!) australian-idol contenstant has branched out of the reality television shows shackles and created some beautiful tunes.

we would strongly encourage you to take a peek at her debut album wonder, it is truely magical

- s & a

take a walk in the park.

the park is the blog-love-child of sarah and alice,
two shameless interenet trawlers.
for this reason we thought that we should join the
ever-expanding blogosphere.
also, we need a place to collect & document the things we love:
photographs, music, models, clothing, little tidbits...

we know it's not original - in fact, we're aware that we're very slow on the blog uptake
but we'll do our best to post some
new & interesting things.
(as well as the stuff that just gets us excited)
so, formally, let us welcome you to the park

- s & a

p.s - beautiful french-esque men feature above.


undeniably the coolest cat and co-creator at the park
famous for her hair - often in the iconic bun -
and quite simply, her superb outfit arrangements, jewellery collection
and impeccible musical tastes.
our mission, to let her be photographed whenever we please
(capturing this moment above - on a camera phone no less - took some convincing)
also, props to her mum, erica, who can create some of the most amazing garments
which will be put on display: watch this space.
- a.

alice in wonderland.

chere alice
she is the co-creator of the park
isn't she lovely?
in a nutshell, she has fabulous clothes, hair and rings, music and intellect - the whole kit-and kaboodle.
our mission, we must convince her to go 'white-blonde'
- s.