take a walk in the park.

the park is the blog-love-child of sarah and alice,
two shameless interenet trawlers.
for this reason we thought that we should join the
ever-expanding blogosphere.
also, we need a place to collect & document the things we love:
photographs, music, models, clothing, little tidbits...

we know it's not original - in fact, we're aware that we're very slow on the blog uptake
but we'll do our best to post some
new & interesting things.
(as well as the stuff that just gets us excited)
so, formally, let us welcome you to the park

- s & a

p.s - beautiful french-esque men feature above.


The Beautiful and Glammed said...

Excited to see what comes next (and hopefully more pretty boys :))

We'll be back
<3 TBAG xxx

The Park said...

thankyooooou! we're still in the process of working things out - but it's getting under control!

we just checked out your blog - so fun!