alice in wonderland.

chere alice
she is the co-creator of the park
isn't she lovely?
in a nutshell, she has fabulous clothes, hair and rings, music and intellect - the whole kit-and kaboodle.
our mission, we must convince her to go 'white-blonde'
- s.

4 comments: said...

just came across your blog while having a kaboodle in the blogosphere!! The one and only Lisa.amazing. i saw her at the corner hotel in melbourne a few weeks back. stunning. this blog looks great keep it up. love your taste. blog on!

The Park said...

Thanks so much! Glad you're enjoying - keep checking back because we're still rookies at this so we're still working the design and everything out. Sarah saw L.M at that gig too and she said it was amazing also!

Anonymous said...

wicked cool blog yeah.

keep up the superb work s & a - i love your style.


The Park said...

merci anon - skins fan? hehe.