(the sartorialist)

just a quick note and once again very delayed
i stumbled across the famed sartorialist book today in the flesh.
i didn't purchase it (will soon!), but had a good flick through -
as we all know, mr. schuman is definately deserved of all the praise he's given.
we will be doing an homage post (!) to our favourite sartorialist moments soon.
(as well as posts about our - and everybody elses - favourite blogs/websites.)

but we're a bit eager so here's a sneaky preview...

(the sartorialist)
this femme fatale is so chic.
effortless and simple.
beige and white, a casual but perfect combination.
a gold chain paired with killer glasses - we have been trying to source round lennon lenses like these (particularly the michael kors pair featured in ruush two months ago)

(the sartorialist)

we just adore this photo, the bow-tie is both hilarious and amazing, he's a bit of a demure clown.
the sarts skills extend beyond his ability to source amazing street style, but his photographical genius.

we will post more favorites from the archives soon, sit tight.

- s & a

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